Riley the Brave


Join our hero…

Riley Bear is on the adventure

of a lifetime as he learns to be

brave like a cub.


He has always been

courageous and clever, but his

journey with some safe big

critters might just unlock his

guarded heart in new ways.


This super-cool cub is ready to

rise to the challenge!

She’s obsessed with this book.  She reads it over and over.


Parent of a 2nd grader

"Hey, that's Riley. He's brave like I'm brave."


- E.J., age 4

Beyond being a picture book that kids love to read, Riley the Brave empowers and encourages caring adults. Powerful insights are available for parents looking to incorporate positive discipline, for educators hoping to increase social emotional learning, for administrators promoting safe schools, for clinicians helping families who are dealing with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and for mental health professionals treating ADHD, PTSD and other aftermath of childhood trauma. 

"Big critters" can help the "cubs" in their lives as they read and re-read this playful and poignant children's book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can you ship this internationally?

Yes! Place your order above, and the shipping cost will automatically be calculated. We know international shipping is expensive, so we are offering a discount. Buy one, and we will send you a second book for FREE. Just order one book, and we will ship 2 books as a thank you for investing in Riley the Brave.

Q.  What age group is this book for?

ALL AGES! Truly, we have heard stories from parents of babies whose children love the bright pictures and men in their 80s who find comfort in these pages. 

Q. Is this just an adoption book?
While especially useful in the world of foster care and adoption, Riley the Brave's empowering message resonates with families of all shapes and sizes.

Q. Will there be more Riley the Brave books?
Yes! The second book of the series is written, and illustration is in progress. Be sure to enter your email address below to be included in Riley's future adventures (and get some fun coloring pages).




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