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You NEED this book to talk to your little ones! I just love Riley the Brave!
– Keri Powers-Pie, School Counselor aka “Counselor Keri”

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Join our hero…

Riley the Brave is the story of a little bear with big feelings! Join this super-cool cub as he faces his difficult emotions with the help of some safe big critters. Along the way, Riley learns how sometimes, being brave isn’t just about being tough - sometimes it's even more courageous to ask for help, or let someone into your heart.


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Join Riley the Brave in his latest adventure – making sense of his senses so he can finally have fun at the fair.

Riley the Brave is a little bear with big feelings. He really wants to have fun at the fair, but sometimes he struggles just making it to school, especially on the STINKY, BUMPY, NOISY bus!


It is hard for Riley to focus and have fun when he is feeling so many confusing sensations. He has porcupine moments, turtle moments, and even tiger moments roaring at his teacher! How can he ever go to the fair?

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She’s obsessed with this book.  She reads it over and over.


Parent of a 2nd grader

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"Hey, that's Riley. He's brave like I'm brave."


- E.J., age 4

Help for hard mornings!

Riley the Brave is a little bear with big feelings. Some days he wakes up feeling cheerful and ready to brave the day. He has energy to get dressed, eat breakfast and have some fun!

But some days he wakes up feeling like a grumpy porcupine. His brow is scrunched and he thinks that it is going to be a terrible day. Today, Riley is having one of those days! What can be done to help him?

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Teachers, counselors, librarians, social workers, everyone involved in the life of a child… head to BraveBrains for free resources and support to help build strong, healthy brains.

The Riley the Brave series nurtures positive experiences between caring adults and the brave kids in their lives. 

The captivating stories, each with an encouraging and educational afterword, are designed to bring out the best in “cubs” while supporting their “safe big critters.” We hope you’ll join the adventure!


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