You NEED this book to talk to your little ones! I just love Riley the Brave!
– Keri Powers-Pie, School Counselor aka “Counselor Keri”

Join our hero…

Riley Bear is on the adventure

of a lifetime as he learns to be

brave like a cub.


He has always been

courageous and clever, but his

journey with some safe big

critters might just unlock his

guarded heart in new ways.


This super-cool cub is ready to

rise to the challenge!

She’s obsessed with this book.  She reads it over and over.


Parent of a 2nd grader

"Hey, that's Riley. He's brave like I'm brave."


- E.J., age 4

Teachers, counselors, librarians, social workers, everyone involved in the life of a child… head to BraveBrains for free resources and support to help build strong, healthy brains.

The Riley the Brave series nurtures positive experiences between caring adults and the brave kids in their lives. 

The captivating stories, each with an encouraging and educational afterword, are designed to bring out the best in “cubs” while supporting their “safe big critters.” We hope you’ll join the adventure!


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