You NEED this book to talk to your little ones! I just love Riley the Brave!
– Keri Powers-Pie, School Counselor aka “Counselor Keri”

Join our hero…

Riley Bear is on the adventure

of a lifetime as he learns to be

brave like a cub.


He has always been

courageous and clever, but his

journey with some safe big

critters might just unlock his

guarded heart in new ways.


This super-cool cub is ready to

rise to the challenge!

She’s obsessed with this book.  She reads it over and over.


Parent of a 2nd grader

"Hey, that's Riley. He's brave like I'm brave."


- E.J., age 4

Frequently asked questions

What is the recommended age?

ALL AGES! More than one grandparent has reached out saying, “I wish this had been around when I was little.” Babies and toddlers love the bright pictures, preschoolers and elementary students begin to understand the bigger concepts, and teens and adults can make better sense of their pasts or gain empathy for others with the help of the story and afterword.

Is this just an adoption book?

While especially useful in the world of foster care and adoption, Riley the Brave's empowering message resonates with families of all shapes and sizes. Riley is a bear cub being parented by elephants. There are many reasons a “cub” might not look like the safe “big critters” who are raising him or her. Riley survived some painful experiences early in his life, but the details are not in the series. All brave cubs to enjoy these stories, whether living with biological parents, foster parents, Grandma and Grandpa, adoptive parents, or any other of the many types of families out there!

What’s next in the series?

Coming 2021...Riley the Brave Makes It To School. Illustration is in progress on the second story featuring Riley the Brave and his safe big critters. Be sure to sign up for updates below to get the latest news and more free resources. Stay tuned for the new release from Jessica Kingsley Publishers!

We want to use this in our training / group / camp / school district. How can we order in bulk?

Order in our shop for the best deals and pick up some posters and stickers to support the concepts. Get the most out of your purchase with the free resources here in the Parents Corner and at our sister site BraveBrains.

Teachers, counselors, librarians, social workers, everyone involved in the life of a child… head to BraveBrains for free resources and support to help build strong, healthy brains.

The Riley the Brave series nurtures positive experiences between caring adults and the brave kids in their lives. 

The captivating stories, each with an encouraging and educational afterword, are designed to bring out the best in “cubs” while supporting their “safe big critters.” We hope you’ll join the adventure!


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