Join Riley the Brave in his latest adventure – making sense of his senses so he can finally have fun at the fair. 


Release date: September 21, 2022


Riley the Brave is a little bear with big feelings. He really wants to have fun at the fair, but sometimes he struggles just making it to school, especially on the STINKY, BUMPY, NOISY bus!


It is hard for Riley to focus and have fun when he is feeling so many confusing sensations. He has porcupine moments, turtle moments, and even tiger moments roaring at his teacher! How can he ever go to the fair?


This book teaches children about their senses through a playful story with real-life strategies for emotion regulation. An educational afterword for grown-ups includes tips for helping the brave cubs in your life. 


“The perfect book to help children tend to their sensory needs so they can learn, play, and BE their awesome selves with confidence!”

-Debbie Reber

Founder and CEO, Tilt Parenting, author of Differently Wired


“A great, warm and empathetic resource offering a wealth of ideas and strategies to support children with sensory difficulties.”

-Sarah Lloyd

Author of Building Underdeveloped Sensorimotor Systems in Children with Developmental Trauma

Riley the Brave's Sensational Senses (hardcover)