Big feelings can be hard to handle at any age!

Riley the Brave is a great tool to help you and your children make sense of complicated emotions and experiences.

Are you struggling with a child who…

Refuses to do basic tasks?

Disrespects or ignores you?

Has over-the-top angry outbursts?

Often lies or steals?


The same skills that have helped other kids just aren’t working, and you’re wondering, “Why?”

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It’s a brain thing!

There are many reasons a child’s brain may be wired to operate in “defense mode.” Children who have had a tough start in life often enter relationships with behavioral baggage that can be overwhelming. Riley the Brave and the supportive afterword are here to help! If you’re looking for even more resources, you’re in the right place.

Tips for healthy and successful bedtime

Bedtime for Brave Cubs

Let’s start with that tricky time of day…


Bedtime! Try this to change the nightly battles into opportunities for connection. Keep scrolling for more free resources designed just for you!

Click the pictures for more from author Jessica Sinarski, LPCMH

Making brain science practical

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Quick 6 minute video: Practical brain science in easy-to-understand language


Posters make great reminders to encourage more “Upstairs Brain Moments”

Practical advice for parents and professionals on a variety of popular podcasts


Adding some playfulness to your parenting might feel impossible right now. Read more here about how a few small changes can make a big difference in your day-to-day life.

Can playful parenting save your sanity?

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Check out the newest book by author Jessica Sinarski!!

Zoey Harmon just wants to feel light-hearted and carefree. Unfortunately, she keeps getting weighed down by pesky “books” in her backpack, like Worry and Shame.

While there are no quick fixes for all of life’s complex problems, What’s Inside Your Backpack highlights some of the ways we can nurture resilience in body and mind. Help kids lighten their load and realize just how strong and courageous they really are!

Activity Cards

8 printable, full-color activity cards with game ideas and key

I Had a Moment

Tool for discussion with key

I Had a Moment – Home Communication

Easy send-home slip to replace or augment current behavior management communication with parents

Power Up to Calm Down

Breathing exercise

It's a Brain Thing

Printable guide to upstairs and downstairs brain moments with Riley the Brave

Healing Power of Play

Play tips and activities for fun and connection

Printable Masks

Colorful masks of Riley, his safe big critter and Jorge the frog

Recursos en español


Spanish Resources

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